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Sleeping in Style

Style touches every aspect of our lives, including bedtime. Your bedroom is your most personal space. We'll inspire you to set the tone for relaxed evenings and a good night's sleep. Whether your style is luxurious, casual, romantic or refined, we'll share our secrets for creating a bedroom that suits you (and your loved ones) and is designed to help you fall asleep and sleep soundly. We'll show you the high end, the low end and the in-between in bedroom décor because at the end of the day (or night) it's all about mixing it up for better sleep.

Meet Leah Poller.  A highly unique artist, her inspiration has been, "The Bed."  Her show, "Mirrors of the Soul," will be on display at the Knox Gallery from the 11th of April through the 11th of May.  While everyone has a personal perspective on bedtime, Ms. Poller's "bed art," makes you think twice about your own bed(room) with a view.

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We're talking about the position of your bed in the room, silly....

Randy Florke explores the sometimes controversial interior design world.  When it comes to the position of your bed in the room, what works best?  Against the wall?  Floating?  Does the energy flow the right way?  Find out what Randy thinks.

Thinking about painting your bedroom but feeling a bit overwhelmed about choosing the right color? No worries. Our interior designer Randy Florke offers tips for selecting the perfect hue for you. Paint right, sleep better tonight.


Bedtime Network designer Randy Florke asks you to look at the clutter in your bedroom. Little bits of paper and big piles of books are no doubt accumulating.  Why not take this winter moment, early in the New Year moment to clean up your act? Sleep cleaner.  Sleep better.

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Our style man, Billy Cole extols the virtues of online shopping while providing some tips and plenty of chic advice.  He also laments the fact that no matter what he does, each and every holiday, the true Martha Stewart within him magically appears.  Standby and prepare to laugh.

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"Green" takes on a new meaning for the holidays as interior designer, Randy Florke, shares eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) tips for the season. Find out how you can minimize the environmental impact of the holidays, without minimizing the fun or breaking the bank.

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Whenever we go to my in-laws for the weekend, I'm always reminded of how well I sleep when at their place. Why is that, you might ask? The answer is in the beds. Yes. I said "beds," and twin beds at that! You would assume that a 6'2" guy would be unhappy with a twin bed, but I love it.

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Everybody has a "number."

600? 800? 1000?

We're not speaking about money, but rather, high thread count sheets!

What number needs to pop for you?  Style guru Billy Cole discusses the pros and cons of being a high thread count freak.

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Bedtime Network's interior designer, Randy Florke, found himself drilling for peace and quiet after a recent dental office re-do.  Here, with a checklist on what TO DO and what NOT TO DO, he hopes to save us all from the cost and grief of construction, re-design and renovation which can be especially stressful when it involves a BEDROOM.

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While most of us will never have to experience the kind of stress that goes with a political life, our interior design man, Randy Florke, provides rare insight on how to make sleeping on the campaign trail, (even with kids) a real possibility. For once, here's some advice that's not just politically correct, it's bedtime basic!

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