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Infertility - Putting It To Bed

Sleep. Bedtime. Sex time.  When the three converge it can be a challenge.  Our experts weigh in on the drama of the infertile couple.  What to do when becoming pregnant takes precedence?

It’s spring, everything is in bloom and there are babies everywhere.

Science has made it possible for infertile people to become parents, in so many permutations.

Although scientific advances have been made and the culture of the family has evolved; for those wishing for a child the pain is still the same.

Infertility changes the bedroom life for many couples and the sex connection for most.

The challenges around infertility in your relationship may be daunting.

Many of our patients report that sex can become a mission and that the pleasure is thwarted. The fall out from this experience dramatically disables many people’s ability to function sexually.

The words commonly used about sex are mechanical and dread.

The scars from infertility are difficult to heal.

If sex is for procreation and there is magic attached to that, the disappointment and confusion can be overwhelming.

Altering a person’s self-sexual vision is linked to their self worth.

The feeling that your own biology has failed you is for some, unspeakable and can push you into isolation.

The day-to-day business of infertility often leaves no room for couples to process the enormous emotional toll that it takes on themselves as well as the couple ship.

Often we have seen the wounds of infertility resurface as long as twenty years later in both individuals and couples.

Underlying anger, blame, guilt and sadness shapes many peoples lives and relationships in directions that are unforeseen.

Infertility can create a feeling of death that no one has guidelines for mourning.

How do you put this crisis to bed?

In addition to couples’ therapy, it is our experience that infertility support groups are proven invaluable.

Addressing the attending feelings of helplessness and the depression that smolders underneath all is paramount to moving toward a life that can still bring pleasure.