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Sex and Pregnancy

Newly pregnant or pregnant...again?  Sex expert Miriam Baker navigates the joys and potential complications of pregnancy from a sexual perspective.  

Pregnancy is a primitive state of being for your body and for your mind.

Sex may be the way you got pregnant or not but it is a topic that creates anxiety for couples.

Sex during pregnancy taps into primitive fears for both partners.

Both men and women fear harming the fetus and sense the mystery involved.


In Freudian territory there is;

Baring witness to the sex act.

Sleeping with your partner as mother.

Power of the penis as a weapon.


The good news is, there is heightened arousal and improved orgasm available once you get past your fears.

I am speaking about both people involved in this experience.


There are people who are turned on by the pregnancy, but this can swing in either direction depending on your aesthetic sensibility and the power of your mind.

If you or your partner feels your body has been hijacked into a dangerous, fragile state or that you are no longer attractive, or attracted the sex will suffer.

If you can embrace the surge in hormones and the rounding of the hard edges like a Botticelli, sex will endure or flourish.

The facts are, the fetus is not harmed during sex, it is not an incestual breach, nobody is watching unless that’s something you agree to.

Sex during pregnancy can be just a different and pleasurable experience and certainly one to engage in before you are up all night with a crying baby, wishing you had more time for it.