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Men, Women, Sex. Are we all the same?

Has the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," adage become outdated?  Turns out, yes.  Our sexual expert Miriam Baker explores some real truths between your authentic self and the one you are expressing, in bed.  

Women are much more visually available to sexual prompts than you might believe.

Men are much more sensitive to rejection than you might believe.

Men and Women both are more alike than different in the world of sex.


The myths that have followed us in this culture may still abound but science, both physical and psychological, have shown a different truth.


You may need to update your mental files to have a better sexual relationship in the present and future.

Emotionally, we are all fragile in the realm of our sexuality.

At the base of our feelings is the need to be desired and accepted.

Being accepted for your authentic, sexual self is a vulnerable request.

Women do not own the market on emotion and vulnerability.

Men are not the only ones self-directed and able to focus on pure pleasure.


Men used to be from Mars and women from Venus.

We are finding that in fact, women and men are from the same sexual planet.


Women want and enjoy sex,

Men want and enjoy connection.


Both men and women’s sexual lives can be disrupted by conflict and emotional impasses, meaning that the ability to function well, sexually, can be altered by the mind; no gender difference here.


The imprinting of traditional roles and behaviors from cultural messages is slowly evolving.

If you stay stuck in the past you may default to missing out.

The "mating dance" that I often refer to is changing.

Who initiates and who does what to whom may be the opposite of what you imagine in your fantasy life.

It may in fact be better and more fun.


Check your fantasies and dreams if you have been holding yourself to stereotypes.

You may be inauthentic in your actions and wishes.