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Winter Sex

The temperature is dropping outside and the need to get warm and get closer is truly biological.  You might find that your sexual appetite has increased.  It's not a coincidence.  Winter is here.  Like a warm hot chocolate, spice up your sex life with the right accompaniments.

Winter Sex

The temperature has dropped and sex goes under the covers.

The summer makes for moist, hot sex and summer romance, but the winter is

all about hibernation.

Not only does your appetite increase as you store up adipose fat for the winter but mating takes on a new hue.

If you follow your natural instinct you will touch base with the need to turn inward for pleasure.

The urge to get into bed early and often is also a signal for sex.

Many of my patients report an increased interest in sex now that the temperature is dropping.

Do not confuse this with cuddling, although cuddling does help people who need to bump into someone to initiate sex.

Nothing is warmer than a human body.

Naked under the covers is a perfect way to hibernate.

The cliche of keeping warm is based in a biologic reality.

It was a reference to sex.

For many people, sex evokes anxiety around modesty, which is confronted on hot summer nights.

Under the covers you are lulled to believe there is protection and privacy to allow little distraction from body image struggles.

Even the issue of shrinkage from the cold resolves itself under a down blanket.

Sex in the cold weather is the ultimate intimate experience.

It combines comfort and sexuality.

It is easy to move towards the sexual experience when you are sharing the fear of the cold.

A few important ideas.

Warm up body oil by putting the bottle in a hot mug of water beside the bed.

Have an extra soft blanket; NAP from Brookstone is my choice along with a big duvet.

For women only, no worry about socks just make them sexy thigh highs.

And for men, light the fire and pitch the tent.

Yes, it's stereotypic.

We are primitive in winter and mating is our most important survival instinct.