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Tantric Bedtime

Tantric sex.  Sacred.

Familiar or unknown?

Miriam opens the door to the possibilities of a more spiritually liberating sexuality.



Also known by the phrase 'sacred sexuality;' the essence of tantric practice is to meditatively leave yourself and join an altered state of sexual consciousness with your partner.

One of the basic tenets of tantric sex is the idea that there is no beginning,

middle or end.

Tantric sex is simply a method of bringing sexuality to a spiritual place.

How you define spiritual of course is unique.

Making bedtime sex an experience beyond the regular 'bedtime missionary in the dark get it over with sex' is worth the effort.

Don't panic; not every night, but of course "yes," on Saturday night.

Here is what you can do to make your bedtime sex tantric if it is something you have wondered about.

Awakening the senses...

Create an atmosphere ritualistically.

Example: Sharing a delicious food, massage each other, bathe each other, light candles and change the scent in the room.


Tantric practice suggests you take time to look at each other and into each other's eyes.

Harmonizing breathing and connection will transport you into the other's being.

In sex therapy I often teach couples this practice of open-eyed sexuality.


Slow exploration of each other's bodies with the emphasis on touch not with intent to encourage orgasm or intercourse.

Simply communicating what feels good and what you like is the basic behavior.

Feel your arousal and do not move towards the urge towards addressing it, stay with the experience.

If there is no beginning, middle or end then the idea of orgasm and intercourse happens in a flow of motion.

Suspending the boundaries that weigh us down will give you an experience of sexual pleasure beyond what you may routinely do.

The focus is on pleasure and there is not right or wrong way.

The slower you move, the more enhanced the pleasure the better the orgasm, and it may not end there.

Makes going to bed a sacred experience.