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Cindy Bressler

First Lady Of Sleep and Co-Founder, Bedtime Network
Cindy Bressler

A seasoned media executive and strategic thinker, Cindy Bressler blends her business savvy with a strong creative instinct. She is adept at collaborative content creation from concept through production across a range of medium, including television, DVD, books and music. Over the years, Cindy has worked to extend both new and established entertainment properties across multiple platforms. Cindy holds a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Emory University.

Hailed “Best of the best,” by along with business partner Lisa Mercurio, the award-winning team is the first to recognize bedtime and sleep as a new marketing, entertainment and wellness frontier. They believe that the secret to a good night’s sleep lies in what you do at bedtime. Together, they have created "Bedtime Beats" the music brand, a "Bedtime Beats" series of iHomes and alarm clocks and, they are the founders of

Cindy has a very big dog named “Titan.” A gentle giant and "rescue" from Tennessee, his crate is the size of a small condo and he enjoys sleeping there at night. Now that her kids are away at college, Cindy has a lot of extra bedrooms. Formerly an excellent sleeper, Cindy now needs to listen to “Bedtime Beats” every night. At her husband’s request, Cindy does not have a television in her bedroom. Cindy relishes the hunt for all things sleep-related and can often be found scouring flea markets, antique shops and home goods stores around the globe for that special something.