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Keeping Bedtime Sacred

Where has all the time gone?  Our private time, personal time, our "me" all used to be sacred. 

Very little is sacred these days (in our day to day living and in our heads), but therapist and relationship expert Nyiri Grigorian says that we should at the very least,

"Keep bedtime sacred."

In fact, it's a new mantra around here.

Keep bedtime sacred.  Keep bedtime sacred......



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So many of my patients complain that they have lost valuable time.  Why?...because of their computers.

They speak of the abyss of, "too much available information."

A colleague recently commented to me that sitting at the computer can be like, "lost time."

I ask you: what is this experience doing to our sense of time?

Although the computer has expanded our world with limitless information,

it also has created many related difficulties.

We have an intuitive, inborn sense of time.

People have a rhythm born to the knowledge of time internally.

We are on the precipice of an evolution in the biology of our time intuition.

In other words; the computer has interrupted biology.


This losing track of time on the computer makes us ignore internal signals and red flags.

At bedtime, this becomes pertinent and particularly dramatic.

People report that this ignoring of internal cues makes individuals and families disorganized.


Parents yell at disappearing children.

Wives  are upset with unavailable husbands.

People are ignoring people.

Time is out of sync.

When we ignore internal biologic cues we suffer.

We become drowsy.

We become irritable.

We become disconnected.

The choice to live in a limitless vista is addictive.

We exchange our connections to each other for a 'lost sense of time.'


In general, there are many defensive reasons why people choose to lose time.

Some people would rather describe it as being, "sucked in."

That second wind used to be for getting things done.

Now, you are ordering shoes from Zappos and forgetting to kiss your kids goodnight.

If biology is being interrupted, the reality is illusive.

We do not have the biologic or cognitive apparatus to make this adaptation to this limitless vista in reality.

And our relationships to each other and ourselves are suffering.


As a clinician I am suggesting that you keep bedtime sacred; in other words, computer-free.

If you allow the internal cue to be signaled, you may be more able to 'hold on to precious time,' and spend it wisely for your good health.