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How generous are you...really?

Breakfast in bed?  A gentle backrub?  Hand holding?

Or is it about $$$$???

What does generosity mean to you?  How is your generosity or that of your partner reflected at bedtime (because let's face it, bedtime seems to magnify everything.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 with "10" being most generous, just how generous are you...or aren't you?

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I am not just talking about turning the TV on or off at bedtime.

Generous acts at night are always felt with intensity.

Mutual generosity at bedtime is most appreciated.

An article recently ran in the NY Times

that spoke about a study from the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project on the role of generosity in marriage.

The findings showed that generosity as a behavior was the salient commodity that predicted happy marriages.

Although sex, communication and commitment are still at the top of the list, it is generosity that prevails.

How generous are you?

Ask your partner?

What would he/she say?

Acts of Generosity in relationships can be subtle.

It is my clinical opinion that the subtle acts as well as the more obvious have a cumulative effect on the light that is shown on the quality of the relationship.

The cup of coffee that is brought to you in the early morning has profound ramifications on your relationship's well being.

Generosity over time sets the tone for the course that the relationship will take. 

It is the predictor of success.

This is in keeping with what we see in clinical practice. 

After the first blush of good behavior in a new relationship, where generosity is omnipresent, it's the  continuation of the generous behavior that is the sustaining element.

One of the crucial problems to solve in therapy is why someone cannot give to a partner; cannot be generous.

It is important to note that in the "generous marriage," the experience is a mutual one.

A relationship out of balance where generosity is mostly one-sided is not a satisfactory experience. 

The roots of generous behavior are learned in early childhood.

But it is also characterlogically determined.

So when we marry echoes of the past, who we are biologically also comes into the marriage.

Lastly, whenever we hear the word, "generous," we automatically associate to money.

Yes, money.  Money in a relationship is the arena for the demonstration of generosity.

The mutuality in the generosity around money and giving NEVER has to do with reality.

It is the feeling-state that is experienced in the negotiations around money that is the most crucial essence in creating the, "generous marriage/relationship".