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Twins, Triplets and Bedtime

Parents of multiples - this one's for you!  Relationship expert Nyiri Grigorian checks out the bedtime experience of twins, triplets, supertwins and their parents.  How to dote on more than one at a time?  What's important?  Can it happen?  Can they entertain each other?  So many questions, so little time; at bedtime, that is....

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Everyone is aware of the change in family demographics over the past two decades.

Multiple births are multiplying.

This means simply that bedtime is different from those families with two or three children of different ages.

When children are at separate developmental stages, even if it’s only a year, the bedtime experience is different.

The sleep patterns of multiples may be unique to each baby but they are the same in terms of developmental needs.

Understanding this will help you construct a multiple bedtime experience.

The optimum plan is to share this with someone.

Feeding together and bathing together works, and is optimal up until 3 years of age.

Thinking that your multiples entertain each other before the age of a year is mis-information.

At about a year of age, they can notice each other and benefit from that stimulation minimally, because each baby is busy growing and developing.

Around a year to three years, the concomitant behaviors can be engaging

though once walking, you have two little people running away from bedtime.


The real nurturing experience is with the parent or caregiver.

The ritual of the bed should offer intimate time for each baby and child.

How do you give the baby and child that intimate time, especially just before sleep?

It is all in your voice tone and eye contact.

Having quiet time with each baby in a rocking chair or with a book and time to gaze into your baby or child’s eyes will create a bond intimate enough to soothe them to sleep.