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Nagging and Relationships. Part 2

"Pick up the laundry."  "Turn off the light."  "Hang up the bath towels." Does this ranting sound like anyone you know? Bedtime is not necessarily the right time to be asking these questions.  Note: you cannot brag if you've become a nagging hag.

Nagging.  Not only will it compromise your sex life, but it will also create drama in your relationship.

In a relationship, nagging serves the purpose of creating urgency and drama.

In reality, nagging will guarantee that you will get the opposite of what you want and, it will also create distance and a lack of connection.

Nagging is a mutual exchange; it’s not just “them.”

Interestingly the person who uses nagging may not be aware of the behavior.

Nagging is in the ear of the beholder.

Are people aware of how they sound?

Is there desperation mixed with aggression?

Primarily people nag because they feel unheard.

Chronic naggers have lost the ability to understand or use timing.

When and how to ask or tell your needs and feelings is time sensitive.

Nagging may escalate at bedtime when people are the most fatigued and frustrated…just like children.

The “to-do” list looms large by nighttime, not just with tasks but with the despair of wanting things tucked away.

Bedtime is not the time for nagging in your relationship.