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Express Your Feelings By Day. Sleep Better Tonight.

You know the feeling.  You're at a party.  All you can think is, "man, she's a buzz kill."  Yes.  Some people have the ability to make us feel fatigued.  But what part do we play in our own exhaustion under these circumstances?  Relationship expert Nyiri Grigorian brings us forward to the grim reality of emotional fatigue.  What is the root cause?

Read on to find out why next time, you might not want to "hold back."

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When the season changes we change.

The temperature drops and light fades.

The issue that comes up in therapy with patients is 'grappling with fatigue.'

The sleepiness that is born from emotional fatigue is second to none.

People who are struggling with emotional fatigue at times express feelings of somnambulance.

Emotional fatigue by definition is; the underlying emotions that are both in and out of awareness that drain us of psychic and libidinal energy.

Emotional fatigue is not related to being well-rested or the amount of sleep you get.

Many factors contribute to this phenomenon, anger, sadness, fear, anxiety and depression.

The most important and prominent factor is that of unexpressed feelings.

The more feelings you hold back the more fatigue you may experience yet the more fatigue you feel, the less able you may be to express those feelings.

When we are talking about sleep, sleepiness, fatigue, and bedtime it's important to tease out if emotional fatigue is part of the picture.

This experience and demonstration of emotional fatigue affects every relationship in your life.

You have all experienced feeling zapped around certain people, with eye-shutting fatigue.

People can zap other people of energy because we have boundaries of what can and cannot be expressed in the social world.

These boundaries are not as rigid when it comes to intimate relationships.

For all of the people in your life, spend time understanding what needs to be said and not said in order to clear your air and keep you awake.

When we crawl toward bed at night thinking our feelings will go away,

remember: holding back your feelings consumes a lot of energy.

You may wake up fatigued by all that you have not expressed