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Miriam Baker

Sex Therapist
Miriam Baker

Miriam is a sex therapist and sex educator. She is the founder of PST Medical Services, The Practice for Sex Therapy. In addition, she is a staff associate at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Weill Cornell Medical Center. Miriam was an associate in the practice of the late Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., noted pioneer in the field of sex therapy. Miriam has appeared on CNN, CBS and CNBC and is also a frequent guest lecturer at symposiums, conferences and schools. Miriam holds degrees in Social Work and Public Health from Hunter College School of Health Sciences and did her doctoral work in family studies/anthropology at Columbia University.

For many people Bedtime is “code” for are we going to have sex or not? No choice we humans make around sex is by accident. Bedtime is Sextime for sure; how is it going in your life? Every moment of Bedtime is steeped in ritual and deliberate behavior. Humans like animals tend to mate in cozy places, ritualistically. At bedtime, what are the steps in your mating dance?

As a sex therapist with 25 years of experience, I am consistently impressed by how we use Bedtime to negotiate our sexual life. The many elements of sensuality and sexuality come together in the environment that we create for our bedtime life.

Tell me what you think about at Bedtime? Tell me your sexual dreams. Do they match your awake life?

Together we can figure it out. Why lose sleep over it?

I look forward to hearing everything.



Miriam's Bedtime Profile

Bedtime Bling

A Spooning Arm

Nightly Nosh 

Mint Tea

Bedtime Book

The Ring Boxing magazine, Scientific American Mind

Sleep Secret

Warm shower followed by warm body lotion

Sleep Suit

A Perfect scent

Crash Pad

Diaphanous cotton sheets

Lights Out 

Never, really...