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Brian Giebel

Snooze News Expert
Brian Giebel

Brian Giebel is a freelance writer and consultant. He writes about travel, architecture, literature/culture, and sports for various papers and magazines. In his free time, after blogging and surfing, he is working on a book about Night People.

A lifelong night owl himself, Giebel has never been accused of getting to work early, even when he worked for 12 years as a Wall Street math geek. He blames a loud brain, restless legs, deviated septum, amazing TV programming, and unquenched curiosity for his aversion to and endless interest in, sleep.

Since he presented his boss with a New York Times article claiming that changing sleeping patterns is like changing one’s DNA, Giebel has doggedly pursued information about sleep habits, health, and wellness, especially when it is a good excuse to stay up late and write or read. Now on constant lookout for the perfect pillow, he is committed to chasing and sharing all sorts of news that will help you snooze.

Giebel and his wife reside on the shores of Lake Champlain and Costa Rica, where he still employs eye masks, Breathe Rights and earplugs, but is known to occasionally wake up early in pursuit of waves, stories, and watersports of all sorts.