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Dreaming About The Present

Cyberdays and gift buying ads appear. Seems we are deluged with ideas and jingles about what our dreams should be. But what are they...really? Will your holiday be complete if you don't receive that diamond necklace from Zales? A new car? Is it all about the things you love, the THINGS WE LOVE, or, do you have a dream to share with Bedtime Santa?

Bedtime Network wants to know...

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Flying. Falling. Screaming. Soaring

Nearly everyone has had a dream at one time or another; so vivid that it is almost difficult to distinguish it from reality. Who hasn’t woken up in a woozy, ga-ga state; uncertain if something special or frightening or even erotic has happened. Often thrilling and occasionally difficult to access, dreams remain an uncharted frontier for many.

The basis of our love songs and the keepers of our hearts, dreams belong to all of us. As intriguing as they are terrifying, they keep us coming back for more. How are we to understand them? How much should we trust them? Are they premonitions or do they hold the secret to our soul?

In this, the season when dreams are supposed to come true (a special gift, a love, a trip to a faraway land or just "peace on earth,") we would love to hear from you.

Please send your dreams (yes....just like you would have done to Santa way back when!) --- to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.