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The Dream Of "Being Chased"

Bonnie and Clyde might seem exciting and it can be great fun on the Hollywood screen, but when the person being chased is you and it occurs while you're under the covers, it can be very upsetting. The dream of being chased often develops in childhood. Do you have them? Find out what they might mean as BTN dreamologist Delphi Ellis explores, "The Dream of Being Chased.

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Children from a very early age can recall their dreams with vivid clarity and in some cases, their dreams may be particularly upsetting. From the ages of six to seven years old particularly, children are gaining a new awareness of the world and their role in it. They may have heard for example (without you knowing it) about a friend’s parents getting divorced or, of a family bereavement. They take into account that, rather than being a simple case of black or white, Life develops shades of grey, meaning some things they may have believed to be permanent are far from it. They begin to realize that there is only so much about Life they can control.

One of the ways in which this can manifest in children’s dreams is being chased and this, for many, continues into adulthood. The first thing to notice, if you can, is who is doing the chasing as this will often give some indication as to the root cause of your concern. If you can’t see who it is though, you may just be overwhelmed by the need to ‘get away.’ Interestingly, because you have no muscle tone when you’re dreaming, you can’t escape, (even if you wanted to), which is why your dream will also be accompanied by a sensation of running through molasses.

Don’t worry. Your dream is asking you to acknowledge that you can’t run away from this problem and it needs to be confronted. Take time to think about what’s getting the better of you and what positive action you can take to regain control.