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"Witch" Nightmare Belongs To You?

Halloween is not the only time of year when dreams turn fearful and nightmares appear.

It’s a common belief that what you watch or read before bedtime will influence the dreams you’re having.  Many of us can recall a parent saying, "turn that off.  It will give you nightmares!" So far, studies have been inconclusive with the overall results suggesting that you’re either someone who will or, you won’t.  It most likely depends on what you watch (you may be surprised to know that even people who watch horror movies before sleep don’t have nightmares!) and it's more commonly actual circumstances or events on your mind at the time you watch it.

Common nightmares include airplane crashes and dreams about death.

Let’s take a look at these.

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Airplane Disasters

Airplane nightmares hold a real sense of danger, where you’re either a passenger on the fated plane or, are watching one crash in front of you.

The interpretation of these dreams will first depend on how you feel about flying.  Some people love the experience of flying and some hate it.  If you don’t like being in an airplane to begin with, you will be naturally nervous about being a passenger on one in waking life, as well as in your dreams.  Sometimes, airplane dreams can represent that literal fear, asking you to confront it.  For others, it can be symbolic; eg. the airplane represents the bumpy ride you may be having through life at the time you have it.  If the plane explodes, recent events in your personal life may have felt catastrophic. 

If you’re watching a plane crashing in your dreams, this is often accompanied with a sense of lack of power or control over what’s happening, again with serious consequences.  This may suggest that you are unable to influence the outcome of this situation and have to watch the events unfold.


The content of nightmares about death will usually center around your own passing or someone else’s.  Death in dreams, much like the interpretation of the Tarot card,  often recognizes some sort of change.  The circumstances surrounding the death in the dream will often hold a clue as to what needs to change or how this change can be achieved.  Death dreams can also start as you start to come to terms with your own mortality.

Seeing someone else’s death in a dream is often a literal fear of the event, particularly when a close relationship has formed with that person.  As a mother, you may dream of the death of a child, particularly at the ages of 2 – 3, 6 – 7 and in their early teenage years.  This is often as you start to notice changes in their development (for example, when they no longer need or want your help) and you begin to feel redundant in your maternal role.

The most important thing to remember with death dreams is - (far from being negative!)  they are asking you to take positive action with the message they provide.

What nightmares are you having?