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Oh Baby!

There are many myths in the world of dreaming and none which gets the attention more than the interpretation for a dream about being pregnant (especially if you are a man!)

In days gone by, the meaning of a pregnancy dream had mystical references, with some believing that pregnancy is a messenger of death.  Thankfully, the modern translation is much more believable and certainly easier to read.

Dreaming of being pregnant will have special meaning for someone who is expecting a baby and an acknowledgement of the special delivery soon to arrive.  Women who have dreams of being pregnant when they are trying for a baby will reflect the desire to have a child in their night time journeys through sleep.

For everyone else (even men), pregnancy dreams are most likely to represent a project or idea which, like a pregnancy, needs time to develop and grow at a natural pace.  This cannot be forced and so nature must be allowed to take its course to ensure a positive outcome.