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Dreams and Dentistry

The "losing teeth" dream is often thought to be one of the most common dreams people have.

In this dream, the teeth usually fall out or crumble, with the dreamer catching (or trying to catch) whatever is left of the toothy fragments.

The interpretation of the teeth dream will depend very much on your relationship with your dentist.  If you know a visit is due, you might check your teeth before bedtime or notice your gums are bleeding.  This will have an influence over your dream content.

Losing a tooth in a dream may ask you to recognize that you're getting older when losing a tooth might be a reality!  Wobbly teeth dreams can also represent something in your life which is unstable - not just your teeth; this could be a friendship or your financial circumstances.  It can also represent a fear that something in your life could fall apart at any moment.

Remember these dreams are often just an acknoledgement of a fear you may have, not usually a prediction it will happen.