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Dream Zone - Something Crawling Under My Skin

Dear Lauri,
I had a dream the other night the palms of my hands were blistered and the skin was moving under it like something was trying to crawl out. Disgusting!!!
   - Jill 42, Hixson, TN

“People can learn pretty much everything about themselves from their dreams.”   - Craig Webb



Lauri:  Your hands are your ability to handle what is going on in your life right now. But it seems you may be having difficulty handling a certain issue correctly because someone or something is really getting under your skin, so to speak, and irritating you. Blisters can pop so I think that may be a friendly warning from your subconscious mind that you need to find a way to handle this situation with kit gloves before there is an emotional eruption... or before things get “out of hand,” hence the thing under your skin trying to crawl “out of your hand.”  I think that is also where the main advice is, there is something that you need to get out in the open.


Jill replies: Work right now is kind of in an upheaval. I'm trying to get employees' attitudes under control and I feel like the lack of concern for their jobs is definitely getting "out of hand!" I've had to have a few difficult conversations with staff and I feel like more is coming to light about what needs to be done. Thank you!


Fascinating Dream Fact:  The Na’vi—the humanoids in the film Avatar—were inspired by a dream that writer and director James Cameron’s mother had, long before he started work on the movie.  In her dream, she saw a twelve-foot-tall, blue-skinned woman, which he thought was “kind of a cool image.”


-Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Dream Expert and Author
"The brain is wider than the sky." - Emily Dickinson

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