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Deep Breathing Relaxation Exercises for Better Sleep

Night Moves, a series of simple, gentle, breathing-based exercises and postures developed exclusively for Bedtime Network by Elisabeth Halfpapp, co-founder of Core Fusion and a member of Exhale Spa's founding team, will help you transition from daytime to bedtime. The "Moves" are easy to follow and can be done separately or alone. The aware breathing is restorative. It will calm the mind, release physical muscular tension, promote deep relaxation and help you sleep better. Incorporating these relaxation exercises into your bedtime ritual will help you fall asleep and sleep through the night. Night Moves features our award-winning music, "Bedtime Beats – The Secret To Sleep." If you would like to use Bedtime Beats while you do the "Moves" at home or when traveling, please click here.

Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates Neck Tension Releasers.

Prepare yourself to rest and sleep soundly with Night Moves, Elisabeth Halfpapp's series of relaxing stretches and exercises.  If you carry stress in your shoulders, you're not alone. Here, Elisabeth shows us a simple way to help reduce stress and shoulder tension. 

Elisabeth Halfpapp, our mind body specialist, demonstrates back stretches that will gently open your spine and calm your mind. They will help with the transition to prepare to rest and sleep soundly.

Elisabeth Halfpapp performs the seated straddle stretch in the Night Moves series of bedtime stretching exercises.  Elegant, relaxing and ultimately healing, Night Moves is the ultimate deep relaxation tool and the perfect foundation for a bedtime ritual.  

Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates Seated Meditation and guides us to an inner state of calm and balance.

The figure four is popular with many different athletes, releasing  multiple muscle groups and leading to deep relaxation.  Practice the "Figure Four" whenever you have a spare piece of floor.

Bedtime Network fitness guru and creator of Core Fusion, Elisabeth Halfpapp, demonstrates "Butterfly on the Floor."  Couple this new "Night Move," exercise with three or four of Elisabeth's other bedtime stretches and you will find yourself in a more restful state.  You'll also discover that you have developed the most sublime bedtime ritual for yourself.

Sweet dreams...

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Elisabeth Halfpapp, creator of "Night Moves," Bedtime Network's series of original nighttime stretches, completes her second series of customized exercises with Savasana.

As Elisabeth says, "Offer Night Moves as a great gift of kindness to yourself."

Tension begins from the ground up. Here to help you release yourself from the stress of the day, all the way up from your toes to your ankles and hopefully beyond, is Elizabeth Halfpapp.  A simple floor exercise, this coordination is set to the tranquil and sublime sounds of "Bedtime Beats," featuring a lovely bit of Beethoven.

This is the twentieth exercise in the "Night Moves" series of bedtime relaxation exercises.  Why not practice a new one every night this month?  

Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

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Our fitness expert, Elisabeth Halfpapp, demonstrates "Pigeon Pose."  Set to the beautiful sounds of Bedtime Beats (in this case, Schumann's "Traumerei," translation: "Dreaming,") Elisabeth moves smoothly through the floor pose.  

Ahhhh....she makes it look so easy....and with the regular practice of "Night Moves" stretching, it will be for you too.


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Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates the "Butterfly Seated Stretch," the latest coordination from the popular "Night Moves" series for bedtime fitness.  Tranquil, peaceful, and perfect for every body, mind and soul.  Couple this move with three or four other "Night Moves," and sleep better tongiht. 

Elisabeth Halfpapp's Night Moves are a groundbreaking series of relaxation and beditme stretches designed specifically for the Bedtime Network to help you deliver your body to a more restful, "sleep ready," state.  Night Moves I is available in its entirety and may be viewed and practiced nightly (see "fitness").  Two new Night Moves episodes have been unveiled in the Night Moves II series.  This week, before the rest of the series unfolds, Elisabeth thought it would be a good idea to send us a special message...

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Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates Lunar Sun, a therapeutic stretch that will help relieve stress and anxiety.


Elisabeth Halfpapp returns to Bedtime Network with her beautiful series of bedtime stretches, cast as "Night Moves II."  Once again, the series is set to the tranquil sounds of "Bedtime Beats."

Greet the "Lunar Sun" tonight.  Sleep better tomorrow.

Elisabeth Halfpapp delivers a heartfelt message of relaxation and tranquility for the holidays and beyond...

Just in time for the holidays, fitness guru Elisabeth Halfpapp shares her chic, winter workout wardrobe.  As the saying goes, always give a gift you'd like to receive.

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Peace on earth.  We've heard every prospective Miss America extol its virtues and now, in the season of "Peace on Earth," it seems we can find very little of it.  Elisabeth Halfpapp gives a gentle reminder that the peace is yours to be had, if you would only preserve a little bit of time...

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Elisabeth Halfpapp tells you how to keep you mind/body/spirit intact through the holidays and that may only mean ten minutes a day (or night). When the going gets tough and time is at a premium, don't forego your inner sanctity because you feel you simply don't have the time.

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Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates savasana, a pose of total relaxation, that will release tension in the body and mind.

Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates a simple stretch for your ankles and feet that will relax your body and calm your mind.

Elisabeth Halfpapp gives an elegant demonstration of Child's Pose as part of her Night Moves series dedicated to promoting sleep through gentle stretching and fitness.

Elisabeth Halfpapp, our mind body specialist, shows us how to release tension at bedtime with simple hip stretches.

Elisabeth Halfpapp shows off the newest Night Moves exercise, the Forward Bend.

Elisabeth Halfpapp, our mind body specialist, demonstrates more hip stretches. These simple exercises will help you shift your energy and calm your mind.

Introducing Constructive Rest, the newest exercise in our Night Moves series. Follow along as Elisabeth Halfpapp demonstrates her new tension relieving stretches.

Elisabeth Halfpapp displays the first Night Moves segment: Seated Meditation. Stay tuned for more great bedtime exercises.

Elisabeth Halfpapp introduces Night Moves, the newest bedtime exercise series for your mind and body. Follow Elisabeth as she demonstrates a new tension releasing video exercise each week.