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Little Beauty Secret

We've all said it.  "I need my beauty sleep." But is sleep the only thing, just the thing or another thing?

Lynda Eichner, Bedtime Network's beauty at bedtime advisor, is here with a simple yet underestimated secret for beauty..certain to help your inner sleeping beauty and overall outer beauty emerge full time.


If I were a psychologist, the very first question I would ask a new patient would be, "What do you do for exercise?"  Everyone understands the weight loss, muscle building benefits that the right exercise regime can provide, but not everyone understands the subtleties that follow.

When we choose to exercise, participating in something that actually brings you joy, every cell in your body feels the benefits of increased blood flow,  endorphins, and an increased oxygen level.  When you find that right thing (for me it's yoga and running), you will find yourself walking taller, with more confidence, and, glowing from within.  This is true beauty.  

I am not a psychologist, I'm a makeup artist!  I do however feel the difference in my psychological well being when I don't take the time to take care of my body.  As a makeup artist, I understand the beauty benefits of exercise, and the glow that it can create on one's face.  No foundation can replace this.

It's important to remember to care for your skin while exercising.  I don't leave the house without Herban Essential towelettes.  They are the perfect cleanser for your skin after exercising; before you get the chance to shower.  I use them on my clients to freshen their skin at photo and video shoots and, I use them wherever one might choose to use Purell....something I just can't embrace.  The Lavender in these all-natural wipes will do the same thing....

Oh!  One more thing.....exercise helps you to sleep..... We all need our beauty sleep.  

Sweet dreams!