Sleep and Beauty

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Not only do you feel rested and more energized after a good night's sleep, but you actually look better. Sleep is perhaps the most powerful, natural beauty treatment. In fact, most of the activities that repair and restore the body (including skin, hair and nails) take place overnight. That's why we've asked the experts to share their bedtime beauty secrets with us. Together we'll discover the best at-home rituals and the true meaning of "beauty sleep."

Edible beauty.

Concoct your best, healthiest bedtime beauty direct from your cupboard.  

Sounds like a sweet solution to us!

See recipes below!

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Don't forget your tootsies!

Lynda Eichner's soothing concoction for your feet and toes will help you slough the summer off so that your toes can go comfortably under the duvet cover for the long winter... 

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Makeup at bedtime?  Now wait a sec.  We thought they only did that in the movies!  

But, Lynda Eichner is here with a fun idea for all you sleeping beauties.  Practice your makeup before bedtime!

No time in the AM, right?  so do it in the PM.

Before you whisk out those lovely remover pads, think twice.  This is the moment to experiment with color.

Nails. Lips. Eyes.  

Bedtime glamour-kins.


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We've all said it.  "I need my beauty sleep." But is sleep the only thing, just the thing or another thing?

Lynda Eichner, Bedtime Network's beauty at bedtime advisor, is here with a simple yet underestimated secret for beauty..certain to help your inner sleeping beauty and overall outer beauty emerge full time.

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Lynda Eichner is here with another beauty fix; fresh from the kitchen.  Her food choices are delicious so how can they help but make your skin just as scrumptious!

Homemade beauty potions.  Economical and delish.  

Almonds.  Oranges.  Mmmm....


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Presenting, "Bedtime Beauty," and Bedtime Network's newest coach, beauty expert Lynda Eichner.

We've all heard about the importance of getting our "beauty sleep," but in the dead of winter, that sometimes isn't quite enough.  Lynda offers up a host of frequently holistic, relatively inexpensive and occasionally, "good enough to eat," beauty rituals created specifically for your bedtime enjoyment.

A firm believer in, "you are what you eat," and, "what you eat is frequently revealed on your face," Lynda opens for us with a favorite concoction made from milk and honey (two things that we generally have in the pantry and the fridge).

Why not try it tonight, (before your Valentine's celebration), so that you're silky smooth and ready for cupid's night out?

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