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A large study conducted over eleven years says, "Chronic insomnia may increase the risk of heart attack".

The number of people involved in the study, the results and the time period make the story and study compelling and interesting. And before you ask if this is a chicken and egg thing, like, "Do people with risk of heart attack have insomnia or do people with insomnia have increased risk?”, be sure to review the controls and read the article to the end.

"After adjusting for numerous health and lifestyle factors, they found that compared with people who never had sleep problems, those who had trouble falling asleep had a 45 percent increased relative risk of heart attack. People with problems staying asleep had a 30 percent increased risk, and those who woke up tired a 27 percent increase.

The results were similar even among those who were free of all chronic disorders at the start of the study. The researchers did not control for sleep apnea, known to be associated with cardiovascular illness, but they did control for body mass index and blood pressure, two factors highly correlated with that disorder."

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