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"The Nappies and Snoozin" with Eileen Kaplan

Get the scoop on "positive napping."  Beloved author of "Laughter is the Breast Medicine" Eileen Kaplan makes a special bedtime appearance this week when she uncovers her views on sleep and napping.  From the looks of it, this classy humorist has no trouble finding 5 winks here and there, even under considerable circumstances!  

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.I love taking naps.  It is not because I am a little bit “older” it’s just that I feel great when I wake up and have a lot more energy than when I crashed.

My story of “The Nap” begins, my mother tells me, began when I was born.  I just swam out of her and was a quiet little girl.  I never gave my mom and dad and sitters any problems with going to sleep.  An Angel.

I would love to ride in cars.  The minute my mom put me into a travel seat (don’t know what they used in those days, LOL) I was out before the engine started. 

As I grew older, the minute we got into the car to visit relatives, I was asleep before the car started to move.

I have kept this up my entire life.  I would hit the sack with my radio on when I was a teenager and just off the bus from school.  I was in a synchronized swimming group in high school and when I arrived home from practice, I crashed. 

Now, believe it or not, I had great grades, so no slouching there.  

As I have aged, I have loads of energy, and more after a nap.  Of course, being retired really helps this snoozing situation.

 In the event I am home and not out “saving breasts,” three o’clock is the designated time, I march into the den with my “Baba and pillow” (blanket and pillow) hit my favorite couch, (with my husband saying,” Eileen you’re going to take a nap?”). I turn on Judge Judy and fall asleep in the middle of one of her tirades!  I sleep like the Rock of Gibraltar. 

Even when I am at “Spa Camp” and everything around me is healthy, I need 5 winks!

It’s okay gang….there were a few years when I was counting sheep all night and would fall asleep right before I had to get up and get ready for work. 

But I must tell you, even those of you who are running after little ones or in those car pools (which I did in that part of my life) and everything else we had on our plates, if you can find a snuggly place during the day and catch five winks, (even if it is hiding in a closet) it gives you get up and go energy.

People say, “Oh if you nap during the day you won’t be able to fall asleep at night….fallacy…the trick is to clear your head, don’t listen to the negatives, and practice positive…..napping….you will feel great and have loads of energy for the rest of the day.  Pamper yourself with “Nappies!”

Eileen Alexander Kaplan/Inspirational Speaker & Humorist

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