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Video: Sleep positions affect health

Side sleeper?  Back sleeper?  Do you know what you are?  In addition to helping you "buy a pillow," what else does knowing your sleep position actually mean or say about you?

This video from Fox News  is the Kama Sutra of sleep positions! (Not really.) Brilliantly produced in an onset bedroom with innovative camera angles that make viewers feel like they are on a journey into the gymnastically-inclined anchor's nostrils, this multi-minute video actually provides very little information. But you must watch it now!

Considering the time and effort and flexibility required, and the attention to our favorite topic, SLEEP, you owe it to yourselves and the producers. And, actually, it is somewhat enlightening.

When you are finished watching, you can do a quick Google search of "sleep positions and health", and scan the related stories below for more information and affirmation that sleep positions affect beauty, dreams, personalities, sanity, baseball statistics and artistic proclivity. In short, sleep is the secret to everything. Good night.

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