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Can high-tech specs prevent jet lag, cure insomnia?

They look like something out of Star Trek, but these "Re-Timer" sunglasses aren't just any.  They're designed to put the "yesterday's news," in jet lag.  At just 162 British pounds a pop, we think they're worth every penny, and can't wait to get our hands (and eyes) on a pair or two!

Can high-tech specs prevent jet lag, cure insomnia?

These things could be cool:

“researchers have developed new 'time-control ' spectacles which they claim reset the body clock to overcome jet lag and insomnia.”

Personally, I prayed for a reset button, but glasses will be just fine. My body clock craves resetting!

Our sleep experts here at Bedtime Network recommend a consistent sleep schedule, but mine is virtually random at times. My body and brain love the night, but I will regularly get up before the sun to go surfing or skiing, which can throw my schedule and mood off for weeks.

So yes, I want some reset spectacles please. 

“The high-tech glasses emit a soft green glow which works on the human body clock to change our sleep patterns. Using the device, called the Re-Timer, means long-haul air passengers can step off the plane feeling fresh, even after flying over long distances, say the sleep researchers who created it.”

“Inventor of the glasses, professor Leon Lack said the glasses could also help insomnia sufferers, keep shift workers more alert and get teenagers out of bed in the morning, the 'Daily Mail' reported. "The light from Re-Timer stimulates the part of the brain responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock."

The fact that the story does not include a picture of the magic glasses makes me wonder just how ridiculous they might look, but I don't care! (And, actually, this story has some pics and video.)

The glasses reportedly send

“signals to the rest of the body, triggering the production of hormones, which create daily cycles known as circadian rhythms.”

Fascinating. The details of the story are worth seeing here: Specs that can prevent jet lag, cure insomnia - Times Of India.

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