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Mireille Giuliano

French Women Don't Get Fat (and we kinda hate them for it).  Now, apparently  French Women Don't Get Facelifts, either.  Mireille Giuliano, the author of the best-selling books on the secrets of French women and their lifestyle shares her "sleep secrets," with Bedtime Network.  We're wondering if perhaps, "French Women Don't Get Insomnia," can be far behind!

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Mireille Guiliano (Meer-ray Julie-ano) is the internationally best-selling author of French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, which has been translated into thirty-seven languages and was the #1 New York Times bestseller.  She is “a barrier breaking pioneer” in business and a former chief executive at LVMH (Clicquot, Inc.).  She has been dubbed "the high priestess of French lady wisdom" (USA Today), "ambassador of France and its art of living" (Le Figaro), and an "idea entrepreneur (Harvard Business Review Press).  She has appeared on The Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, NBC's Dateline, Oprah, and CNN in addition to many national and international broadcasts.  She has also been profiled in the New York Times, USA Today, TIME, and dozens of other publications. She has written widely on food, wine, travel, lifestyle and aging for a range of international publications.  Her runaway bestsellers—part memoir, part gastronomy and part practical philosophy guide―are beautifully written celebrations of life and pleasure and stirring reminders of the importance of joie de vivre.  Her newest book, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging with Style and Attitude (December 2013) offers an encouraging take on beauty and aging for our times as Mireille uses her signature blend of wit, no-nonsense advice and storytelling flair to share well-guarded secrets French women know about looking and feeling great as the years progress. She is also the author of French Women for All Seasons; Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire; and The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook.  Born in France, she "ages with attitude" in New York City, Paris, and Provence. You can find her online at and    


Mireille Giuliano's Bedtime Profile 

Bedtime Bling:


Nightly Nosh:

No food outside meals is a rule I grew up with and it still works for me, so dinner is it.  Before bed I enjoy herbal teas or a glass of hot water before hitting the hay.

Bedtime Book:

I love reading but not in bed.  I usually read after dinner but in a cozy armchair.

Sleep Secret:

A few which I mentioned in my latest book but for me at this stage the most important one is to create an environment conducive to sleep (dark, well-ventilated and central heating but a down blanket) and avoiding large, evening meals.  If I've had a super "excited" day, a few deep breaths and I'm gone.

Sleep Suit:

Suit is for daytime.  In bed, less is more.

Crash Pad:

My bedroom is my secret garden.  So is my little pillow filled with lavender from our Provence patch, my most precious gem.

Lights Out:

I've always been a night person, and since I've hit fifty, an early bird as well.  To rest/restore, I do need seven hours, so I try to go to bed before midnight and once or twice a week, an hour earlier as I don't rest during the day (so far).  Sometimes, if over-excited (which happens more often than not), I listen to Gregorian chant, classical music or soft jazz.