Get Organized

Organize By Day, Sleep At Night

Organization means everything has its place. We all know it's important to be organized.  But how many of us really are? Lack of organization often causes stress. One way to reduce this stress is to develop simple strategies for staying organized in your daily life.  With organizing tips for home, work, school, travel, holidays, weddings and more, our Queen of Organization, Amy Morris, offers solutions and shortcuts for keeping your life in order so you can reduce stress and sleep better.

We LOVE Amy Morris for turning organization into an art form  Here she is with some holidays shopping tips.  Amy says, do it "in your bunny slippers while sipping latte."  

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Organize my friendships, you say?

Well, Facebook asks you to do it, so it must be a good thing...(close friends, family friends, college friends, local friends).  Funny, they don't have a category for virtual friends....

And then again, perhaps organizing your friends is just a good thing to do because even this little act of "organizational insight," can help you to get a better night's sleep.  

Here's what our Queen of Organization, Amy Morris, has to say about it all...

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The Bedtime Brain Dump (BBD) as in, "Dump your worries before bedtime."  

Amy Morris, Queen of Organization (QOO) can show you how.  OK.  

The QOO has the DL on the BBD.

We love it!

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Day 5.  By now, everything around your "home camper," should be looking sweet and chic for a good night's sleep.  Take in this last chapter and consider some motivating incentives.  Money?  A favorite meal?  Hey, we're shameless.  Do whatever works to make that organized bedroom permanent!

You're "Legally Organized."

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As you are helping your teen or college student to get organized, you might be thinking, "hmmm....what do I have lurking, living, or taking up space under my bed?"  The answer should be, "NOTHING!"

Amy Morris is here for Day 4 of the practical guide to camp organization (when the camping ground is HOME SWEET HOME).  

By the way, Moms.  Don't be outdone by your kids.  If they get it cleaned, you should even the stakes and get your "under bed," done too.

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Our Queen of Organization Amy Morris has three easy tips on getting your kids' bathroom organized, or rather, getting your kids to get their bathroom organized and to stay organized.  This is a short list and it brings us to halfway through Amy's summertime boot camp for the stay at home student, re-surfacing college kid or possibly bored child. 

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"Today I want you to tackle your bedroom closet."  Any parent that has uttered these words knows the moans and groans it is sure to elicit.  And, chances are good that you might have battles organizing your own bedroom closet, but when it comes to the kids' closet, things can be overwhelming.  

Queen of Organization Amy Morris makes the process of cleaning up (while benefiting others), a double blessing.  Here's Part II of her five part series called "Camp Organization,"  Amy's boot camp for at home kids that need to clean their bedrooms! 

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Hey Moms.  OK.  So it's kind of a boot camp meets summer camp meets organization concept, but our Queen of Organization has dreamed one up for you and the kids, especially those that are home from school, home from camp, not going to camp, have nothing to do this summer (but sleep and eat around your house) or are working and living at home this summer.

It's sure to elicit a few groans, but in 5 days,  Amy Morris, will have them and you, better organized.  

The focus of attention?  The bedroom, naturally!

This is the first of a five-part series this week.  Let the countdown begin today.


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Can you say, "Tag Sale?"

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it might be a good time to get rid of any hoarding tendencies that might have developed during the colder months and consider your own tag sale.  Our Queen of Organization has it down to a science.

Breathe. Sell. Count.  Sleep.


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Wondering what Dad might want for Father's Day?  Well, we know he'd like a little R&R.  Why not help him get on the couch with the ballgame a little sooner by offering up a little organizational elbow grease!  Our Queen of Organization, Amy Morris, has some tips to make Father's Day more restful for Dad.  When you're done, why not fire up the BBQ?

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