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The Art of Gifting & Wishing for the Whole Family

Do you dare?  A onesie for the whole family?  Margaret insists that this "look" will set the tone for Christmas Day.  Call it the "Yule Log Look."

If you've got teenagers in the house, good luck with this one.  

Merry, merry...

Trust me; seeing your entire family in these "Log Cabin" Onesies will take the "Christmas" jitters and stress right out of the day and fill it with laughs instead. Even the bottom "feeties" have traction, so you won't slip and slide like Tom Cruise in "Risky Business."

Recommendation: give them to the entire family on "Christmas Eve."  Insist that everyone sleep in them and/or at least wear them for the following day's festivities.  It makes a great family portrait and one that they'll never forget.  

(secret: I gave these exact PJs to someone with a great sense of humor last year. He wore his with reindeer antlers!)