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The Art of Gifting & Wishing for...the Workaholics and Female Students in Your Life

Fashionista Margaret Berend knows exactly what to give the workaholics in your life.  Since they certainly don't have the time to shop for themselves, (or for you, for that matter), why not give them the ultimate break...with no excuses.

And, as for those that lack the time to buy, why not see what she has in mind for the girlish students in your life.

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The Workaholic.... Ah know who you are, and everyone else does as well.  You are the people that can never go to the parties... (Why?  Because you're too busy).  You can never hang out on the weekend or meet for a cup of coffee.  But, we love you anyway!  My favorite workaholic in my life lives in Atlanta.

I would specifically wish her the following...

-All her school loans magically paid off!

-A beautiful engagement ring from my Uncle's store

And (now this applies to all WORKAHOLICS) ......A day of "Luxuriating"

Luxuriating is a cross between Luxury and Relaxing....So, relax in luxury!

Since Workaholics have quite a complex sleeping schedule and generally, a back full of knots, I would highly recommend gifting the workaholic in your life with a day at the spa... Facial, massage, full body exfoliation, wrap, steam room and most importantly luxuriating in hot baths!

My Asian girlfriends taught me all about luxuriating when they took me to King Sauna. From then on, I was hooked! King Sauna is for the advanced, so be careful he (she) might need to start with baby steps.  Give a gift card to a local spa and let them do the choosing. Don't worry.  A true blue "luxuriator"  will find his/her way.

The Female College Student or the ever eager high schoolers....


I love all the stuff! It is so cute and comfy!