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The Art of Gifting & Wishing...for the Reader in your Life

Our Fashionista Margaret Berend continues her gift-giving survey by offering up a few of her favorite "reads" for some of your favorite Readers!  With so many books on the market and so many different ways to cuddle up (be it Kindle, iBook, iPad, Nook or good old-fashioned hardcover), this brief list is sure to be just right for everyone you know.  Happy dog-earing...

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Everyone has a reader in their life, someone that will always say, "check out this book," or, "have you read?..."  They are absolute necessities at any cocktail party; well-read and able to carry on a conversation with just about everyone!  For those people, what better gift than another book?  These days, you can give gift cards and supply downloads from Amazon, or you can give the old-fashioned way with a beautiful, hardcover "coffee table" book; something that appeals year 'round for all the world to read and enjoy.  Don't forget to check your favorite reader's online "Wish Lists" (truly devoted readers continously update theirs!).  No matter what the format you decide to give, I think the attractiveness of these books applies to everyone.  Incidentally, my own favorite reader currently lives in Seattle...

1. Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

This is one of the best books I have ever read. I read it a few years ago and it honestly changed my life in major ways (and for the better might I add.)  Not that I am not learning some tough lessons along the way...They also have Boundaries meant for the different phases of life:  marriage (good for newlyweds!) or for kids (dating, etc... ) I like the all-encompassing one and then, if someone likes the concepts, they can get the others as needed. I promise it won't disappoint anyone!

2. The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for Yourself by Veronique Vienne and Erica Lennard

Beautifully done. Gorgeous photographs and, it doubles as a quick-read/great coffee table book.

My girlfriend, Bridgette, gave this to me during my Freshman college year. I have held onto it because it is just adorable!

3. Burqalicious  by Becky Wicks

I recently read this book and am OBSESSED! I saw it everywhere this summer when I was traveling in Australia and New Zealand and then realized when I got back stateside that it wasn't that easy to find.  But good old Amazon comes to the rescue and you can find it there. The book is awesome! It is a tongue and cheek account of the escapades of a young Brit fresh out of college, trying to make a living in PR in Dubai. Think: "Sex in the City" meets "The Devil Wears Prada" set in Dubai!  Of course there are parts that will make you laugh out loud and others that will make you sad because of the oppression women still face in other cultures. A must read!