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Billy Cole

Billy Cole

An award-winning art director and graphic designer, Billy Cole has been tapped for his keen and inspired style sense by an enviable client list that includes Ralph Lauren (Black Label), Burberry, Conran's-Habitat (London-based), Bloomingdale's, Banana Republic and Barney's and a wide range of magazines. From photo shoots to ad campaigns, catalogue designs and brand renovations, Billy's elegant, creative approach has influenced countless magazine and video shoots. His friendly personality makes him the perfect, "man on the street," and he frequently appears in Bedtime Network videos asking everyday people, "what's your secret to sleep."

My name is Billy Cole and I love to sleep! I mean really... who doesn't???!!

I love getting into a freshly made bed with fluffy pillows, clean sheets and that special someone beside me! It's the best ...

When I was approached about becoming a style coach for Bedtime Network, I thought, "How great. I'll get free stuff and have my own show!" But in all honesty. I loved the idea of helping and educating people to get a better, more stylish night's sleep.

When I considered all the trouble most people have sleeping, and the dismal state of their bedrooms, the decision to get involved was simple. I could lend my years of expertise as a fashion and home art director to solve, suggest and nudge people into a better, more restful bedroom. Over the years, I have worked with the biggest brands in fashion and home; from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein to Target and Kohl's. What I have discovered is that variety, options and price points are endless. However, the choices people make with those endless options is where they get into trouble and frankly, where I can be of the most help.

I'll help you consider the options of bedtime fashion and creature comforts and will help you develop a sense of style at bedtime: from what you wear to how you wear it to what you sleep in and what you sleep on and where you buy it. I'm big on considering everyone's pocketbook size, so you'll hear about the crazy best of the best but I'll also tell you if you should save your pennies.

I look forward to finding the best of the best in bedding, sleepwear, mattresses, pillows and everything else that might go into your bedroom...except your lover!



Billy's Bedtime Profile

Bedtime Bling

four-ply cashmere throw-pillow in lemon yellow…crazy!

Nightly Nosh

IF I’m being good, Fage 2% yogurt with bananas and honey. If not, Carr’s ginger crave me cookies with vanilla ice cream…yum!!

Bedtime Book

The New Yorker

Sleep Secret

The New Yorker

Sleep "Suit" 

Uniqlo 100% cotton boxers with large Ralph Lauren v-neck t-shirt, always white…or nothing

Crash Pad

Nature Rest mattress, a hybrid Tempur-pedic, pillow-top, all organic, soooooo amazingly cozy

Lights Out

It's my favorite time of the day (oops, night!) In bed@ 10:30 and I’m out.