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At 35,000 feet, First Lady of Sleep Cindy Bressler tunes into Tom Rath's new book, EAT MOVE SLEEP.  Find out what she learned here. Sleep long and prosper.  Sounds like even Spock would approve! 

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Before boarding a plane, I usually buy a stack of magazines at the airport shop and devour them during the flight.  But on a recent trip to L.A. I spotted Tom Rath’s EAT MOVE SLEEP: How Small Choices Lead To Big Changes at JFK’s Hudson News so I abandoned my pile of fashion, shelter and lifestyle fare in exchange for Mr. Rath’s new book.  With a title like that, how could I resist?


Mr. Rath’s message is simple: eating right, moving more and sleeping better, in combination, helps us ward off disease and live longer and healthier lives.  The key lies in doing all three of these things well.


While this concept isn’t new to many of us, figuring out how to execute it is far more elusive.


Mr. Rath, a senior scientist and advisor to Gallup and a best-selling author, explains how diet, exercise and sleep build on one another and offers practical, research-based tips for making small, daily changes that can make a big difference to our health and well-being.


EAT MOVE SLEEP is a quick read and each of its thirty chapters ends with three very short recommendations for eating, moving and sleeping well.  Some may be more obvious than others but sometimes it takes a re-statement of the obvious presented by an expert in a new format to give us the inspiration we need to actually implement change.


Tom Rath shared his two favorite “sleep” tips with us:


 1.Keep your bedroom two to four degrees cooler atSee if it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

 2.Wake up at the same time every day of the week to keep your internal clock on track.



EAT MOVE SLEEP includes many other helpful “sleep” suggestions.  Our two favorites are:


 1.“At the end of a lousy day, before you make a small stressor into something bigger, give sleep a chance to do some repair work overnight.”

 2."Create a routine so you don’t eat, drink or use electronic messaging in the hour before you go to bed.”



At a time when self-quantifiers like Jawbone UP, Nike+ FuelBand, and Lark are the rage for recording, analyzing and comparing data about activity levels and sleeping patterns, Rath provides a simple, technology-free three-step strategy he refers to as the “First Thirty Days Challenge” to help people jump start a new approach to eating, moving and sleeping.  While December might not be the ideal month to begin the Challenge, you might consider buying Rath’s book as a holiday gift for a friend and suggest that the two of you begin after the New Year.  After all, it’s always easier to embark on a challenge like this with a buddy.  With that in mind, to the other First Lady of Sleep, Lisa Mercurio, come January 1st, you’re on!


Stay tuned for our results.  And please share yours with us.