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Sleeping with Nicolas Cage?

  Have you seen the new Nicolas Cage pillowcases?  If he's a fantasy of yours, then it could be a bedtime dream date...or a chance to sleep "with" another man.  But if he's not, you might be like First Lady of Sleep Lisa Mercurio wondering WTF? Guess there's more than one way to "sleep with the stars..."


I discovered the Nicolas Cage pillowcase while perusing my personal Facebook and I wondered, “why?”  That’s all.


Just, “why?”


Nicolas Cage on my pillow?


It’s never been a fantasy despite the fact that he does co-star in my all-time favorite movie, “Moonstruck.”  I ‘ve probably seen the film two dozen times or more over the past twenty years but I never seem to tire of the original romance-born-in-a-bread-bakery-basement," feel of it all.  Remember Olympia Dukakis asking Cher, “Do you love him Loretta?” and hearing Cher respond with, “aw Ma.  I love him awful.”  And then, Olympia Dukakis’ unforgettable response, “Oh God.  That’s too bad.”


Unforgettable.  Not Nicolas Cage, mind you, but the whole film.  Cher and her transformational hair.  The music.  The script, the family the timing, the dogs looking at, “la bella luna.”  It just makes me so happy and if ever there was a movie I could watch every single night before bedtime, this is The One.


Now if you want to talk about actors that do come to mind as bedfellows…I just saw George Clooney in “Gravity,” this past weekend.  Maybe I’m showing my age through preference, but George is one serious contender for nom du jour when it comes to female fantasy. Charming and witty and ever more so in 3-D, he plays a very likeable dude if not an extraordinarily chivalrous one.  I won’t say more lest I ruin the flick for you. 


And speaking of female fantasy, some of us clearly remember the true heartthrobs: Robert Redford  and let’s not forget Paul Newman.  “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”   Now there’s a pair that could march across my pillowcase and my sheets and comforter too for that matter…but Nicholas Cage?


I’m wondering how and why this got started.  As a First Lady of Sleep, I’ve sleuthed around the web and thinking that I might find some other Hollywood star pillowcases around.  Turns out, there really aren’t any (at least none that have found their way to me.)


So, I’m guessing that this Nicolas Cage thing is someone’s idea of a one-off, or a joke, or even a “test case.”  Either way, I’ve got nothing against St. Nick, but not even during Christmas would you find me lying with this pillow decor.  If he is your cup of bedtime fun, then don’t let me stand in your way.  By all means, do the Vulcan mind-meld.  Head-to head, lay down with the Cage man and who knows, it might be kind of soulful and interesting at the very least.


And while we’re at it, Nick, if you’re out there and you’re listening, are you a, “sleeping beauty,” a “morning glory,” or a “night owl?”  Before you go to bed with a girl, she’s got the right to know. 


One thing’s for sure, you’re a fine actor and I for one will look forward to seeing you on the big screen again, real soon. 


But on my pillowcase?


Maybe not so much.